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Onsite Collections Access Request

  1. Thank you for your interest in the Museums at Union Station. Due to the large number of inquiries we field every day, we answer questions in the order they were received and it may be up to one month before you receive a response to your question, including requests for appointments.
  2. (employer, academic institution, independent researcher, etc.)
  3. If known, please list titles of Collections, and any specific series, sub-series, or accession numbers if necessary. Finding aids for our archival and object collections are not available as of yet. The Museum prioritizes onsite appointments for research involving objects that have not yet been digitized. If your questions cannot be answered by a phone call to our office, please describe the goals of your research and the curator will review your request.
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    I understand that I must fill out an additional Application for Permission to Publish if I intend to publish reproductions or other content from Museum materials, including manuscripts and ephemera.
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