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Museums at Union Station Virtual Field Trip Request

  1. About Your Group
  2. Student Grade Level*
  3. How many programs are you requesting? Each program may be booked for a maximum of 35 students.
  4. Please select which program you are reserving
    Only fill out if you selected 1 program for 5-35 students.
  5. ONLY FILL OUT IF YOU'VE SELECTED 2 or MORE PROGRAMS (ex. Class 1: T is for Trains; Class 2: Activist Ogden: The Movement for Black Lives; Class 3: Activist Ogden: Civil Rights Movement; Class 4: Women's Suffrage and Voting Rights)
  6. Do you prefer a 45 or 60 minute program?
  7. Please list between 3 -5 possible dates and time when your class is available.
    Programs can be up to 60 minutes, Monday – Friday, starting at 9:30, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.
  8. I understand that all program participants – teacher and students – will need to use Zoom to participate in this virtual program.
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