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Heritage Festival Community Partner Application

  1. 2020 Heritage Festival Community Partner Booth Application

  2. To 2020 Heritage Festival Community Parnters

    Welcome! Below is the application for 2020 Heritage Festival Community Partner Booths. Community partners are provided with a 8-foot table, and two chairs for their booth space.

  3. Application Deadline: Friday, August 7, By 5:00 P.M

    Please read all of the information included in the guidelines document before filling out & submitting an application. If you have any questions regarding becoming a Communtiy Partner please feel free to contact the Museum Manager at or 801.629.8672

  4. Heritage Festival Presents 2020*

    As our Heritage program has expanded to year long programming, would your organization like to be contacted to participate in additional events throughout the year?

  5. Acknowledgment *

    By completing and submitting this application, you have acknowledged that you have read and agree by the Community Partner Guidelines.

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