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Posted on: June 4, 2021

Fire Restrictions Increased. No Fireworks or Open Flames within Ogden City Limits


Update: 06/24/21 Fireworks, open flames, and other ignition sources within Ogden City limits are strictly prohibited.

Ogden City Council and Mayor Caldwell entered a joint resolution this evening that has increased fire restrictions within Ogden City limits.  Effective immediately, due to the existing extreme hazardous conditions throughout the city, the prohibition on any person igniting or discharging class C common state approved explosives (fireworks as defined in Utah Code 53-7-22(5)) and a prohibition on open burnings and recreational fires (as those terms are defined by the International Fire Code) within the boundaries of Ogden City. This prohibition is effective through November 15th or such time as environmental conditions improve.

The following notice was effective June 2nd, and is now overridden by the joint resolution that increased restriction boundaries to include the entirety of Ogden City.

Starting June 2nd through September 20th, 2021, Fire restrictions are in place.  Interactive Map.

This last winter and spring, we experienced an abnormally dry season and as result, it created increased fire danger expected in the next few months. The National Weather Service has shown Northern Utah is in “extreme” drought with little chance of improving during the fire season.


The Fire Marshal has ordered that the use of any firework or open flame is prohibited in the following areas:

  • All areas east of Harrison Boulevard from the north city boundary to the south city boundary.
  • All wooded areas along Ogden and Weber River Parkway beginning at Harrison Blvd and continuing along the pathways to the west city boundary and the south city boundary. This also includes all associated parks along the river corridor.
  • All of Fort Buenaventura, the city baseball park, and the dog park area located off of A Avenue.
  • The old landfill property located at approximately 2550 A Avenue near Fort Buenaventura.
  • All open fields, vacant lots, wooden areas, and brush-covered hillsides throughout the city.
  • 4th of July fireworks are only allowed to be used July 2nd - 5th.  

Unlawful Acts Defined: 

See Ogden City Ordinance 11-6-3, section D: 


A. [Definitions:] For purposes of this section: 

IGNITION SOURCE means any lighted or burning material or object, including recreational fires or campfires, a lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, firework, lighter, match, or smoking paraphernalia.

MOUNTAINOUS, BRUSH-COVERED, OR FOREST COVERED AREAS means areas or zones with open fields, vacant lots, wooded areas, and brush-covered hillsides throughout the city. 

WILDLAND URBAN INTERFACE AREA means the line, area, or zone where structures or other human development meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland.

B. [Prohibition on Use of Ignition Source:] It is unlawful to ignite or use an ignition source in the following areas during the period that the fire marshal has determined that hazardous environmental conditions exist or are expected to persist when notice has been filed with the city recorder: 

1. Mountainous, brush-covered, or forest-covered areas. 

2. The wildland-urban interface area. 

3. Land being used for an agricultural purpose.

Penalties Defined: 

A violation of a notice issued under this section is a class B misdemeanor, subject to the penalties provided under title 1, chapter 4, article A of this code. 

Individuals responsible for fires that result from negligence including the parents of minors may be held accountable for the cost of damages and expenses related to firefighting efforts. See City Ordinance 12-12-3. 



Please report all fires and fireworks that you witness in the restricted areas by calling Weber Area Consolidated Dispatch Center at 801-629-8221. 

Please help keep our community safe from fires. We urge everyone to use common sense this holiday season and practice extreme caution. 


Issued By: 


Kevin Brown 

Fire Marshal 

Ogden City Fire Department

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