Current Grantees

The Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee has conducted the arts grant process including advertising to recruit applicants and reviewing and grading the applications. Ogden City Staff assembled a grant review subcommittee in accordance with Arts Advisory Committee Ordinance No. 2015-41 and formed a grading system for the subcommittee in compliance with the Ordinance allowing each grant application to be measured equally using the grant criteria as its guide. 

The City Council’s role in the grant process is to make a determination that the value of the tangible and intangible public benefits resulting from the proposed grants equal or exceed the monetary value of the grants. The council’s determination of value is presumably
correct: “[a] determination of value received, made by the [City Council], shall be presumed valid unless it can be shown that the determination was arbitrary, capricious, or illegal.” Utah Code Ann. §10-8-2-(3)(b).

Below is information for grantees in FY2020/2021. Please note that some FY2019/2020 grants are in extension due to complications surrounding COVID-19.

General Support FY 2020/21



Chamber Orchestra Ogden

$ 5,250.00

Eccles Community Art Center

$ 2,800.00

Imagine Ballet

$ 4,075.00

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery- WSU

$ 9,300.00

Ogden Friends of Acoustic Music-OFOAM

$ 5,075.00

Onstage Ogden                                           

$ 8,500.00

Treehouse Children’s Museum

$ 5,000.00


Project Support FY 2020/21



Banyan Collective- Van Sessions

$ 4,500.00

Benjamin Zack- Eyes on Ogden

$ 2,500.00

Boys and Girls Club 

$ 2,000.00

Gabriel Gordon – Senior Center Concerts

$ 1,800.00

Good Company Theatre- Season               

$ 6,800.00

Jazz at the Station

$ 1,000.00

LUPEC-Hispanic Festival

$ 2,500.00

NEXT Ensemble- Season

$ 6,000.00

Nick Morris/Lance Smith – LGBTQ+ Theater 

$ 2,750.00

Nurture the Creative Mind- Day of the Dead

$ 4,000.00

Ogden Concert Band

$ 1,275.00

Ogden Film Festival

$ 2,500.00

Ogden Movement Collective

$ 2,250.00

Ogden Nature Center-Earth Day

$ 3,000.00

Ogden School Foundation-Festival of Arts

$ 1,500.00

Project Success Coalition-Juneteenth

$ 1,500.00

Salty Productions Magazine

$ 3,500.00

Tribalovedancer-African drum/dance

$ 2,250.00

Weber Arts Council-Playwright Residency

$ 3,500.00

WSU- Arts Learning-Utah Birds

$ 1,500.00

WSU-Upward Bound-We are Ogden Mural

$    375.00

Youth Impact- Welding Arts

$ 3,000.00