Open Artist Calls

Ogden City is seeking submissions from artists of any kind to create designs for the Painted Horse for Hof Project. The selected artist will be required create the design as well as paint/place/install design onto a miniature fiberglass horse provided by the city.

In July of 2020, the painted horse art piece will be gifted to the Hof Mayor, and or Hof City Council as a thank you for hosting Ogden City Council members in their city. The art piece should reflect and honor the long-standing relationship between Ogden and its sister city Hof. The art piece is meant to represent the various art horses that line the streets of Ogden during the summer months.

Artist must be a resident of Ogden City and have lived here for at least one year.

There is no entry fee. 

A $ 500.00 artist honorarium will be awarded the winning design. Artist submitting the winning design will then place/install their art onto the fiberglass horse.

For more information please view the document link below:

Horse for Hof Art Call

Painted Horse for Hof
Pioneer Days Horse