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Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll- May 6th, 2022

Items of interest:

1. Follow them on IG: the_corner_ogden and on FB: TheCorner. They are open for the Art Stroll from 6 - 9 p.m. Get your map or info about local events, restaurants in Ogden.

2. Follow Us - IG: ogden_arts  FB: OgdenCityArts & OgdensFirstFriday                                                                                                              Social Media:  IG - Ogden_Arts / The_Corner_Ogden    FB – OgdenCityArts / TheCorner / OgdensFirstFridayArtStroll


                                                            Music & Art Strollin’ in May

                                                              Free Family Fun in Ogden 

April 28, 2022 – Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll is scheduled for May 6th, 6-9 p.m.

Activity locations range from Union Station, up Historic 25th Street to The Monarch. There are also stops at the Junction, on Washington Ave as well as the Eccles Art Center and at Weber State University.

Ogden City's Art, Culture and Events team has Music Pop-ups starting this month. Their first musical feature is DJ Bryson Dearden, an Ogden native. You can catch him spinning Funk, Soul, and House music on Friday night from 6-8 p.m. in front of The Corner. The small white kiosk is on the corner of 25th Street and Washington Blvd.

Ogden Contemporary Arts have a featured artist talk with Rashawn Griffin from 6-7 p.m.

As always, we encourage everyone to use the hashtag #OgdenSharesArt. Show the Ogden Arts Community what you have created. This virtual option provides an avenue to engage with other artists in Ogden and see what they are creating.

To learn about locations that participate in the monthly stroll and to get your map, stop by The Corner, the white building located on the corner of Washington and 25th Street. Follow the social media outlets listed below for further details of the events.


Pop-Up Event: 

  1.  The Dumke Arts Plaza is open. Be sure to stop by and see the exhibit on display by Chakaia Booker.     

        2. The Corner has live music by DJ Bryson Dearden from 6 -8 p.m. Be sure to come out and enjoy some funk, soul, and house music. 

Gallery Happenings -    

Alaskan Gold Connection – The featured artist for the May art stroll is Jim Stettler Photography work. Be sure to stop in to see his work on display.

Alaskan Gold Connection - 167 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Brookey Bakes – Brookey Bakes is featuring artwork by Chris Barragan.                                                                                 Here is a bit of info… If you've been into the bakery then surely, you've seen this work of art on the wall of Brookey's hilarious husband, Chris Barragan. People like to come in to take two thumbs up photos next to The Baker's Husband (artwork by Craig Tovey, pictured, that's another story for another day) so that they can be added to our Instagram highlight of the same name. Chris is so much more than just The Baker's Husband, though, he's a super talented digital cartoon artist! Chris hails from the Bay Area including residing for 10+ years in Santa Cruz. He's always loved to draw, and since moving to Ogden in 2013 he has made some pretty rad creations including The Screaming Mountain, a fusion of Santa Cruz's iconic screaming hand with Ogden's own Ben Lomond. You may have seen The Screaming Mountain around town as stickers on cars or water bottles, or maybe local little league team hats. If not, then May's First Friday Art Stroll is your big chance! Chris will have The Screaming Mountain on display and for sale, as well as some of his other artwork. AND - we're super stoked about this - that night we will be debuting Brookey Bakes' new line of t-shirts (printed locally by our buddies at Stone Mountain Press) that will feature Chris's Screaming Mountain on the front and our classic logo on the back. And lastly, we're combining this art stroll with a birthday party for Brookey's 43rd birthday! It's going to be such a fun one, so make sure you come to see us that night, Friday, May 6, 6-9 pm, or until the party dies down!

Brookey Bakes – 290 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Cara Koolmees Gallery – May has more than flowers.   Come to Cara Koolmees’s studio to see green and the rebirth after our cold winter.  This is the time for rethinking your home or office with color. 

Cara Koolmees Gallery – 256 Historic 25th Street, Ogden                                                                                                                                                                                  

Eccles Community Art Center – This May 2022, the Eccles Art Center celebrates the creativity of Utah’s Women Artists.  The Third Annual “Women: The Creative Edge” will open with an exhibit of the recent works of Judith Browning Jones in the Carriage House Sales Gallery on May 6, 2022.   A reception for the artists and the public will be presented   Friday, May 6, 2022, from 5 to 8 p.m.  The exhibits will remain on display at the Eccles Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden through May 28, 20221.  Admission to the center’s exhibits is complimentary.

“Women: The Creative Edge” is a competitive exhibit with 72 Utah women artists registered to participate. The Eccles Art Center staff is pleased that this exhibit will feature Women resident Utah artists with a variety of art from paintings to sculpture, textiles to pottery, handmade books to paper collage.  Awards will be posted during the artist reception on Friday, May 6th, 2022, and maybe viewed on the Eccles Art Center’s website: 

As an artist, Patti Smith has said “Nobody says ‘Picasso, the male artist”.  The Eccles Art Center staff wishes to share with you the creativity that women artists bring to their profession.  It will be an exhibit you will not wish to miss.

Judith Browning Jones, a woman artist will have her recent works featured in the Carriage House Sales Gallery.  Art Center Director, Patrick Poce describes her exhibit: “From brush to paint … to canvas, to frame … to the wall; Judith Browning Jones does it all.”   He continues “her works explore an avant-garde look at life.”

The Eccles Art Center’s gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The center is closed Sundays and on major holidays. For information: 

Eccles Community Art Center - 2580 Jefferson Ave, Ogden


Emmisoure Gallery – Come check out artwork from Naomi AnsonHer featured work is abstract composition. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on some treats. 

Emmisoure Gallery- 2246 B Washington Blvd., Ogden 

Gallery 25 – Gallery 25 will feature the art of Keith Dabb ... a prominent Utah artist!! You can also enjoy a sidewalk jam session by Wasatch Wild, John Burrows. Seating is available.  Plus, you can see more art on all three floors of the gallery from local artists.

Gallery 25 – 268 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Ogden Contemporary Arts - Rashawn Griffin uses diverse materials such as bedsheets, tassels, food, and flora to create large-scale sculptures and paintings.  After receiving an MFA from Yale University in 2005, he has exhibited in multiple solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad.  Often pushing the boundaries between object and installation, his work challenges viewers to engage in their own past experiences when confronting his art.  A haunting installation in the 2008 Whitney Biennial, for example, is punctuated by a live audio feed from a field in Kansas, where the artist was raised.  A lumbering garbage bag man/sculpture wanders through a field in “To bring love/terrible things”, highlighting his exploration of place, site-specificity, and identity.  Griffin’s installations explore the relationship between architecture and the traditions of painting with a series of stretched fabric walls; as the picture becomes the space, the pictorial space highlights the architecture.

Living and working in *Olathe, KS, he was a 2006 resident of the Studio Museum in Harlem’s AIR program. Along with the 2008 Whitney Biennial, his work has been exhibited widely, including a two-person exhibition at the Studio Museum *with artist Senga Nengudi (RSVP), as well as “Freeway Balconies” at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, Germany, and “THREADS:  Textiles and Fiber in the works of African American Artists” at EK Projects in Beijing, China, curated by Collier Schorr and Lowery Stokes Sims respectively.  Recently the subject of the solo exhibition “A hole-in-the-wall country” at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, Kansas, as well as participating in the exhibition “Minimal Baroque” at Rønnebæksholm in Næstved, Denmark, *his work will be a feature in "The Regional", a biennial of midwest-based artists opening at the Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati in December, before traveling to the Kemper Museum in Kansas City, and has currently has an exhibition at The Momentary, connected to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, entitled "We no longer recognize the backs of our hands".

Creative for his art talk that will be from 6-7 pm on Friday, May 6.                                                                           Read the full press release here…

Ogden Contemporary Arts – 455 25th Street, Ogden

The Bonneville - The Bonneville is featuring Megan Green from Salt Lake City for the May Art Stroll. Come on by to see her artwork on display during the art stroll. To see more of her work go to

Her bio: Megan Green is an artist and writer who lives in Salt Lake City but dreams of the ocean daily. Through her work, Megan explores the grief of losing her husband and the healing that comes when one is ready to dive deep within and find beauty among the rubble.  

We look forward to seeing you.

The Bonneville – 221 Historic 25th Street, Ogden


The Local Artisan Collective - Welcome to our In-store and Online Art Stroll on Friday, May 6th, 2022! The store will be open late for the Art Stroll from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. THAT IS RIGHT, YOU CAN FIND US IN PERSON AT THE STORE & ONLINE! Who is ready to have fun together? WE ARE!!

 Joseph Eilander from The Shark Shack - He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He loves creating realistically detailed works of art in pencil as well as burned onto leather and wood. He has several new prints and originals that will be released during Art Stroll.

Stop by to see him doing a wood-burning demo! It is always amazing to see what he is making! Find him by the doors on the south side of the store.

******************************************                                                                                                                      CLASSES and HAPPENINGS:
 -6:00 to 9:00: Joseph Eilander will be demonstrating and answering questions about wood burning. He will be set up by the South Doors.

-6:00 to 9:00: Stephanie and Lance Howerton from Our Children's Earth will be doing FREE marbled wooden beads. You can add your bead to hemp string to create a necklace. You can also stop by to create a Marbled Wooden Sign for Mother's Day or a Pocket Square (great for Prom or Weddings) for $4.99. Find them in the Textile Studio.

-6:00 to 9:00: Heather Musante will have a hands-on demo of some of the most fun watercolor techniques. You can find her in front of the store.

-6:00 to 9:00: Join Jayna of FalkenCraft as they do a demo! We can't wait to see what they will be creating! Find them on the front desks in Classroom A.

-6:00 to 9:00: Stop in to see Jeanne Ganske from Jute by Jeanne doing a macramé demo of a plant hanger during the art stroll. Find her by her incredible art hanging on the wall, on the south side of the store.

-6:00 to 9:00: Christina Charbonneau from Crema will be doing t-shirt prints. She has some incredible prints made. You can stop by to make your own t-shirt with them! Bring a blank t-shirt and you can print on them for free. Or you can purchase a t-shirt for $5 to make one. We can't wait! You can make these out in front of the store.

-6:00 and 7:00 Join Abbie Devers from Paint Kits to Gogh and do a Mother’s Day Paint & Plant Workshop! Paint a terracotta planter and add soil and seeds for Mother’s Day! For you or as a gift. All ages. Bring your kids or bring your mom, sister, or grandmother! Find her in Classroom B.

********************************************                                                                                                                     JOIN US ONLINE for INSTAGRAM LIVE at 6:00 & FACEBOOK LIVE throughout the day on our group page:

-Artists will be going live, talking with -each other in this group, sharing art tips, showing you all their new items, and more. Tune in to catch them.

- Bernadene Whitten from Our Earthly Treasures will be demonstrating the Huichol stitch that's from Mexico. It's become popular due to videos and patterns from those beaders who have perfected this art style. I'm self-taught on this and fell in love with the colors. Huichol also refers to indigenous people who mostly live in the mountainous areas of northern Jalisco and parts of Nayarit in north-central Mexico. The word Huichol means soothsayer. The colors and designs all have meaning. Before I create a piece, I investigate what the design means, and why the colors are used. Huichol stitching uses thread to wrap around, instead of beading through the beads. Through a series of wraps and tiny knots, a beautiful piece of art is formed.

-Stephanie and Lance Howerton from Our Children's Earth will be doing a Mother's Day Marbling demo.

-Joseph Eilander from The Shark Shack will show amazing art and wood-burning demos on Instagram.

-Kaimyn McInelly will be posting photos of her phenomenal pottery and succulents on Facebook. Keep an eye out to see all of her new plants and pottery.

******************************************                                                                                                                          Find our items in our store located at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden, Utah 84401 in the Heart of Downtown Ogden on the South End of the Junction in the Creative Nine Rails District and online at

We are also open Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 7:00. We will also be open late until 9:00 pm on the first Friday of the month with Art Stroll.                                                                                                                                                

The Local Artisan Collective - 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden. 

The Monarch – It’s the First Friday again and the corner of 25th & Ogden is the essential stop. Featuring a Beer Garden, Open Studio Night at The Monarch offers a chance to walk through over 40 creative studios to meet the artists: it’s the best date night and family-friendly outing in town on a Friday night. Start at WB’s for the finest craft cocktails and small plates in town. Then have a seat and listen to live music with Van Sessions. 

  • Emily Munk will be doing a live demonstration working on painting a mountainscape.
  • Pop into the art box for their special featured artist
  • Susan Snyder from Sage Art will be doing watercolor involving sunflowers for the promotion that Sarah is doing to raise money for Ukraine refugees. People will be able to bid on the painting, and the highest bidder that night wins. Last bid at 8:30 PM. There will be a minimum start bid. And 50% of the bid will go to help the Ukraine refugees.
  • Amy Lefevere will be featuring a few mixed media pieces, my Andy Warhol inspired cats and some pieces that are featured on her website. 
  • April showers bring May sunflowers! Mark your calendar for a special open studio night at The Monarch on May 6 during the First Friday Art Stroll where you can buy paintings of sunflowers by the students of 9th Muse Art Academy. Stay tuned for more special happenings that night. All proceeds will benefit refugees fleeing from Ukraine. 

Van Sessions - Live music performances inside The Monarch

Art Box - Art Box is delighted to have the return of Sunnie Bybee for May’s First Friday Art Stroll and Open Studio Night at The Monarch! Sunnie studied fine art at Brigham Young University and earned her BFA in painting in 2003. After a few years of searching for a unique style, Sunnie discovered that she loves to illustrate and create works about people. Sometimes that presents itself in the form of a portrait, and at other times illustrations of well-known stories and tales. 

Recently, Sunnie has been working on “This Royal Endowment” - a body of work about the general idea of individual worth and how it has been measured throughout the civilized world. Each portrait is painted in a style that calls back to the opulence of the late medieval period and early European Renaissance. Symbols of royalty like the French fleur-de-lys and the golden crown are used to elevate the perceived worth of each subject.                            

Sunnie’s work is heavily influenced by the myths and stories from Europe, specifically fairy tales. Included in the subjects represented are animals that are more common in old myths and fairy tales. Many times these animal tropes were used to represent a human personality type or archetype. We invite you to come to learn more about Sunnie and view her incredible work! 

Ogden Contemporary Arts – see their listing

The Monarch - 455 25th Street, Ogden

Ogden Union Station:

Lobby Area: Ogden City Arts presents the Community Art Show on display with their newest exhibit…” The Youth Show.” Artists 17 and under are featured in this exhibit. There will be voting from 6- 8 p.m. for Community Favorite. Come in and see what the young artists created. 

Gallery at the Station:                                                                                                                                              “The Golden Spike Chinese Art Show”

The Golden Spike Chinese Art Show is jointly organized by the Utah Chinese Golden Spike Society, Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association, Salt Lake Eastern Art Club, North America Maple Culture Center, and the Museums at Union Station.

 May 10, 2022, is the 153rd anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Through this exhibit, we highlight 1) The importance of the construction and completion of transcontinental railroads to the social and economic development of the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries; 2) The great contribution of Chinese railroad workers in railway construction and social development, and 3) Chinese and other ethnic groups are an integral part of America's history. We honor the history of railroads and hope to work together to promote and construct a better future for America today and tomorrow.

The pictures in this show are provided by the North America Maple Cultural Center in Connecticut. The original drawings were made by Chinese descendants from 7 to 17 years old during the COVID-19 pandemic, through the project "Chinese-American Children painting Chinese Laborer Ancestors.” Their artworks are published in the book, titled, “One Hundred Years Immigration History of Chinese in North America: A Hand-Drawn Picture Book” by the Maple Press. 

The Chinese calligraphy artworks are created by the Utah members of the Salt Lake Eastern Art Club. Some of them are professionals in Chinese arts; the majority are amateur Chinese calligraphers or students from 8 to 69 years old. They use Chinese calligraphy to describe the lives of Chinese railroad workers, such as in the poem, “Chinese Railroad Worker’s Bowl”; or to praise the spirit of Chinese railroad workers, such as “Pioneer and self-strengthen persistently!” 

We want to use our brushes, pens, ink, and colors to represent history, to share our values and love with broad communities. 

Myra Powell Gallery:                                                                                                                                   “Struggle for Growth”

Ben Lomond High School Students, Weber State University Art1010 Semester 1 Cohort

What would you want to share with the Ogden Community? That is the question students were asked in the Art1010 class at Ben Lomond High School back in January of 2022. Museums at Union Station curator Holly Andrew came to Ben Lomond to chat with the class about the history of Union Station so students could gain an understanding of the space they would be displaying their art. After visiting with Holly, students started to sketch their ideas for their art. Their works are about the personal experiences of each artist. They show reflections about body image, life, a vision for the world, and what happens when you overcome challenges. The WSU Art1010 class has spent time talking about how art is perceived, created, and gaining an understanding of different art forms throughout history. This has influenced the artists to create their works. The artists hope you can make a connection with their pieces and gain inspiration from their art.

Ogden Union Station: 2501 Wall Ave., Ogden

Wasatch Roasting Company - Wasatch Roasting Company is excited to feature the works of our May artist and fellow barista, McKenna Powell! 
About the artist: McKenna is a visual artist based out of the northern mountains of Utah. She graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Utah. She participates in Utah's local art scene such as the Utah Arts Alliance, Ogden Bizarre, the Pando Art Collective, Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll, and other art events. For over three years, McKenna has been the Artist Coordinator at Wasatch Roasting Company. This role includes booking and working with a new artist each month to display at the coffee shop and coordinating with the Ogden Arts media. Her artwork has been featured on the shop's merchandise such as mugs, shirts, hoodies, and stickers. In 2021, McKenna's artwork placed second in the Peer Voting Category with UAA Connect. She was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Community Art Show at the Ogden Union Station. McKenna was also accepted into the Eccles Art Center Black and White Show. She often sells prints, stickers, and zines at local art markets, displays art at local businesses, and has an online store. 
 In her works, McKenna explores nature, symbology, and visionary themes. Her concepts involve reoccurring invented characters and stylization. She portrays stories and elements of deeper meaning about death, rebirth, and the changing landscape. Her style is inspired by various Japanese manga artists, video game illustration, Art Nouveau, Classical Art, Visionary Art, and much more. McKenna uses traditional mediums combining various mixed media such as acrylic, gouache, watercolor, ink, and charcoal. Though she is mainly a traditional artist, McKenna uses photo editing and art computer software to compliment her artwork. She is actively creating new work.


Outside, in Origin-Alley Art Gallery, we will display new artwork from Rich Ramos, Nezak, Jaroh, and other local artists. We will provide outdoor seating in the alley during the stroll. 
Wasatch Roasting Company - 2436 Grant Ave Ogden

Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll