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Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll- Friday, June 2, 2023

1. Follow them on IG: the_corner_ogden and on FB: TheCorner. They are open for the Art Stroll from 6 - 9 p.m. Get your map or info about local events and restaurants in Ogden.

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Art Stroll Press Release: June Art Stroll Press Release


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Website: Ogden Art Stroll                                                                                                                       

Pop-Up Events: 

    1. Pop-Up Location #1: There is nothing like taking a walk and enjoying the arts outdoors, and now you can do that at Lester Park! Artists of all ages will show their work as part of the First Friday Art Stroll.  See their talent under the tall trees as we enjoy Ogden arts and parks together, on June 2nd from 5-9 p.m. at Lester Park! We hope you’ll find a friend or a pet and take a stroll to view the art! 

Gallery Happenings -     

Alaskan Gold Connection – Come into the Alaskan Gold Connection and check out unique jewelry pieces from Carl Cox. He will be the featured artist for June.

 Alaskan Gold Connection - 167 25th Street, Ogden

Brookey Bakes – Brookey Bakes will feature Jordan Brough during June’s Art Stroll. The new mural inside the bakery will be a new addition. The unveiling will happen on Saturday, May 27th at noon.

 Brookey Bakes – 290 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Cara Koolmees Gallery –  June is the start of summer. Start thinking of all the bright colors associated with this season.  Come to the studio of Cara Koolmees, 256 Historic 25th Street to see new calendars for 2024 along with colorful artwork to brighten your home.

Cara Koolmees Gallery – 256 Historic 26th Street, Ogden

Eccles Community Art Center – The Eccles Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden Utah is pleased to announce the June exhibit, the Color of Pride Competition in the Main Gallery, and the Abstract paintings of Glen Carr in the Carriage House Gallery. 

The Eccles Art Center staff invites you to join us to view these exhibits during regular gallery hours.  The Eccles Art Center gallery hours are Weekday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  For more information about the center and its programs, please visit our website at

Eccles Community Art Center - 2580 Jefferson Ave, Ogden  

Gallery 25 – Stop in at Gallery 25 to see all three floors of art by artists in the community.

Gallery 25 – 268 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Historic Tattoo Shop - New Art Stroll Stop                                                                                                                                              

Historic Tattoo Studio specializing in old-school, electric traditional tattooing. Tons of hand-painted flash on the walls to pick from, and walk-ins are always welcome. “Come a stranger, leave a friend.”  Check out the tattoo art on display by local artists.

Historic Tattoo Shop - 171 25th Street, Ogden

Ogden Contemporary Arts – This June, Ogden Contemporary Arts presents a solo exhibition for New Mexico artist Eric J. García, the non-profit’s 2023 Artist-in-Residence. García, who arrived in Ogden for his residency on March 1st, has utilized OCA Center’s Studio Lofts to further develop specific concepts within his work, particularly around immigration and the term “alien” as presented in various contexts. His completed body of work is revealed for his solo exhibition, Aim High, at OCA Center. The show opens with a public reception from 6-9 pm during Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll and will remain on display through July 16th. As part of his residency, García spearheaded a community mural project that will also be unveiled at The Monarch in conjunction with his exhibition opening. The mural was created with input and direct participation from local residents, leading to an environmentally-themed piece that is specific to Utah. 

Ogden Contemporary Arts - 455 25th Street, Ogden

Ruby Relics – New Art Stroll Stop

Stop by Ruby's Relics this month for another chance to see our Grand Opening show, with a collection of paintings by Robert and Megan Asay. We are adding new shirts and updating our upcycled secondhand rack and offering $5 off orders of $20 or more if you stop in for the Art Stroll. 

 Ruby Relics - 2487 Grant Ave., Ogden

Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary – New Art Stroll Stop                                

Stop in at Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary to see their featured artist, Baylee Berglund. Her specialty is media art. For more work check out her Instagram @isthatbaylee.

Sacred Rose Tattoo Sanctuary – 2562 Washington Blvd., Ogden 

Studio 333 Architects - During the June Art Stroll Studio 333 Architects will feature local artist, Robert Asay. A little bit about his artwork being showcased…

These pieces are part of an ongoing series of paintings I've been making since 2019, inspired by the mid-20th century minimalism movement. The paintings are of the same size, composed of repeating color schemes and simple hard-edge forms. Placed by each other, they develop a unique language. As the series gets bigger, the paintings build a more complex dialog. These paintings make for great accent pieces in clean, modern, interior spaces. If interested in this work and want to learn more about my art, please visit our gallery or contact me directly: at

Robert Asay is a Studio Artist and Gallery Owner born in Utah and living in Ogden UT. He received his bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of Utah in 2015. He and his wife Megan own and operate Ruby’s Relics Contemporary Art Gallery which opened in May, located just around the corner next to Brookey Bakes on Grant Ave and 25th Street. We host a new collection of artworks every month as well as sell Ruby’s Relics apparel, prints, and other fun limited novelties. Open Tuesday - Saturday. Social Media: @asayartwork & @rubyrelics

Studio 333 Architects – 333 24th Street, Ogden

The Bonneville Space - The Bonneville will have "As She Blooms" art showing by Audrey Christensen during June’s Art Stroll. More below about the artist.  Audrey is a self-taught artist who joyfully explores watercolor embroidery and the whimsical world of acrylic painting. Her delightful collection, titled "As She Blooms," invites you to join her on a vibrant journey of self-discovery and joyful expression.
 With lively brushstrokes and vivid colors, Audrey's artworks capture the essence of movement and the exuberance of life. They celebrate the magic of personal growth and transformation, portraying women emerging from buds to blossom in a riotous display of individuality. Inspired by the wonders of nature, Audrey blends the beauty of flowers with the vibrant spirit of women, creating a harmonious tapestry of laughter, courage, and playfulness. Each artwork invites you into a world where imagination reigns, encouraging you to dance, dream, and embrace boundless possibilities. Come wander through the whimsical garden of "As She Blooms" and experience the infectious joy, playful movement, and unabashed celebration of life. Each artwork tells a captivating story, waiting to unfold before your eyes. 

The Bonneville - 221  25th Street, Ogden


The Local Artisan Collective - Warm summer nights with fun times during the Art Stroll. Our featured artist this month is the talented Rachel from Vulture Vixens. 
 It will be an In-store and Online Art Stroll on Friday, June 2nd, 2023! The store will be open late for the Art Stroll from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm; with the store being open until 10 pm for shopping.
 Who is ready to have fun together?  WE ARE!! 
 Rachel from Vulture Vixens will be doing several demos all night long, from portions of her bone cleaning process, mummification processes, jewelry making, and more. There will also be a setup of charms, ready-to-use bones, and crystals so if you want a special piece made right in front of you, you can design it yourself!  Find her in front of the store. 
 Classes and Events happening during the Art Stroll: 
 -6:00 to 9:00: Meet Rachel from Vulture Vixen's and watch her do a demo or come and design your own jewelry!  Find her in front of the store. 
-6:00 to 9:00: Kc Peek from Seeds of Imagination will be doing Vacation Diorama Demo's. Stop in to see what you can make in her class on June 17th. You can register here for it: Find her in Classroom A. 
-6:00 to 9:00: Jen from Made by Jen Hart will be doing a drop-in class where you can come and paint her handmade cement magnets! For $5 you can paint 6 magnets! Find her in Classroom A. Sign up here:
 -7:00 to 9:00: Have you wanted to see how Glassblowing art is made?  You will want to come in and see Mike from Hurst Handblown Glass is making this month!!  Find Mike in his studio space. 
 -6:00 to 9:00:  You know you love Heather Green's romance novels.  Stop by to get a book signed and get a new one! Find her in Classroom B. 
-6:00 to 9:00: Stephanie and Lance from Our Children's Earth want you to join in the fun and learn how to marble. Come and create a wooden mushroom, jewelry, coasters, shoes, and more! Drop by anytime between 6 and 9 to marble. Prices start at $4.99, Find them out in front of the store and get more information here:
 -6:00 to 9:00: Giveaways!!!!  Incredible handmade bath and body products from Crescents Bath and Body! 
JOIN US ONLINE for INSTAGRAM LIVE and FACEBOOK LIVE throughout the day on our group page:
 -Artists will be going live, talking with each other in this group, sharing art tips, showing you all their new items, and more.   Tune in to catch them.  
 Find our items in our store located at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden, Utah 84401 in the Heart of Downtown Ogden on the South End of the Junction in the Creative   Nine Rails District and online at
 We are also open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 to 7:00.  We will also be open late until 10:00 pm on the first Friday of the month with Art Stroll.

The Local Artisan Collective - 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden. 

The Monarch – The Monarch offers another Chance to win Free Twilight Concert Tickets on the First Friday. The First Friday is almost here, and The Monarch is the place to be for a chance to win free Sold-out Ogden Twilight Concert tickets! Come and enter the drawing! 

That’s not all though! Jay x Kay Permanent Jewelry will be set up to do hand-welded permanent jewelry. Come get a special bracelet, necklace, or anklet just in time for Summer! They have so many color and style choices! And the best part, no tarnishing, even when worn in the water! 

 Van Sessions will be in the alley again along with J-rad Cooley’s band at 7 pm, Lee Rafugee at 7:45, and Winners Only at 8:00. And there’s beer too!

As an extension of the Car Show, we’ll have some sweet low-riders and other rad cars on the upper deck thanks to one of our sponsors, Inspector Tony!  

Art Box - For June, Art Box will be featuring the work of Matthew Hassing! Matthew earned his BFA from the University of Utah in 2000. Since then, he has sold his work at A Gallery in Salt Lake City and Coda (now Trove) Gallery in Park City. His work has been included several times in the annual Spring Salon at the Springville Art Museum.

Matthew's most recent work focuses on patterns, particularly those found in nature. Nature and beauty drive his work, and, in this exhibition, Matthew will show large oil paintings and small (affordable) watercolors. Please join us to meet Matthew and see his beautiful work!

Ogden Contemporary Arts – see their listing

The Monarch - 455 25th Street, Ogden

Union Station -  

Gallery at the Station -

Chronicling the Lives of Black Ogden                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sema Hadithi Foundation, WSU Special Collections, and the Museums at Union Station

Catch a glimpse into the history of Black Ogden through everyday people. This exhibit aims to highlight the stories of Black Veterans and everyday community members that have made a difference in our community. Featuring Black Ogdenites featured in the Standard-Examiner over the last 90 years and highlighting especially the stories of Black military veterans, this exhibit will cause you to reflect on the lives and impact of the people who call Ogden home.  

Myra Powell Gallery – 

Human Images                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Camela Corocran, Lindsay Huss, and Faris Alalawai

The human body has been one of the most common themes in art as early as human life began. From abstract figures to realistic portraiture, we use art to express our own identity. Who are we? How do we appear to the world? How do we want to be seen? This exhibit features art of human images from local artists Camela Corcoran, Lindsay Huss, and Faris Alalawi. These distinctive images tell us more about what it means to be a human in our world. 

Ogden Union Station: 2501 Wall Ave., Ogden

Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll