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We are open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m.- 6 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

We have local merchandise created & designed by local artists, pre-packaged snacks, and of course all the information about local shops, restaurants, and ski resorts.

Be sure to stop by and check out what we have and follow our social media for up-to-date info!


Ogden's Holiday Tradition is around the corner.... and we need your help!

Click on the link below so you can volunteer at the Holiday Electric Light Parade and how you can have a float in the parade!

Downloadable Horse Map

Pioneer Day Horses

social media teaser horse

The horses are gone for now you can click on the link above to see all the horses.

The Corner products



Now Offering Local Tickets, Healthy Snacks and Drinks, Gifts and Information about Ogden

The Corner is a small building situated on the South West corner of Washington Blvd. and Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden. It is owned by Ogden City and managed by the Ogden City Arts, Culture and Events Division. It was originally built as a ticket and information center and was recently reopened as such, in response to a need expressed by the community, for a central place to find out information about all the amazing things happening in and around Ogden. It is open and operating six days a week, offering food, beverages, and retail. The Corner is the go-to place for locals and visitors looking for adventure in Ogden. The Corner offers quick grab and go snacks, mocktails, locally made treats and more. Guests will find a friendly Ogden Ambassador at the window, excited to share information about local trails, venues, attractions, galleries and museums. Tickets to area attractions and events will be available to purchase soon but you can get your downtown maps and bus schedules now. Future plans include a high definition LED screen to announce upcoming events, a newly designed art-scaped plaza that includes a large public art installation, lighted pavers, permanent seating, and an intimate performance area. Future programming and activities will include performances, guided tours, bike rentals and more. Come see us at The Corner!

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