Public Notices

June 1, 2022 Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing at 5:00 p.m. on the following:
  • Proposed ordinance to consider allow metal siding for accessory structures when over 400 square feet and on less than 1/2 acre.
  • Proposed ordinance to further clarify multi-family standards in residential and commercial zones.

May 17, 2022

The City Council will accept public input or hold a public hearing on the following at 6:00 p.m.:
  • Proposed Right-of-Way Vacation on 1st Street between Washington Blvd. and Adams Avenue.
  • Proposed rezone of properties at 101 and 131 Adams Avenue.
  • Proposed Zone Text Amendment to allow food manufacturing in the Business Exchange Industrial Zone (BEI)

2022 Ogden City Annual Meeting Schedule Notices

Legal Notice
Meeting schedule of 2022 for the following bodies:
  • City Council
  • Redevelopment Agency