Concept Review Team

The City has a Concept Review Team (CRT) which meets weekly to review site plans and proposals for remodels and new construction. Meetings are held each Wednesday at 9 a.m. on the 3rd Floor of the Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Boulevard. In order to be on the agenda, please contact the Counter Planner Desk at 801-629-8922.


Permitted Uses

Permitted Uses are those which are allowed under the Zoning Ordinance provided the applicant has met all of the requirements of the zone (i.e., setbacks). The applicant works with City Planners who review the site plan and use, and then applies for a building permit and business license.

Conditional Uses

The Planning Commission may identify potential impacts of the use at the specific location and implement conditions of approval which mitigate those impacts, e.g. limiting the hours of operation, requiring screening of adjacent properties, etc.

Nonconforming Use

Uses which are existing and were lawful at the time of the adoption of a zoning provision or amendment, but under present regulations, do not conform to current standards. Nonconforming standards also may exist in terms of building height, lot coverage, setback or lot area requirements. The use is allowed to continue so long as the use has been in continuous operation since the zoning regulation was changed.  The City issues Nonconforming Certificates acknowledging the  right of use on an application basis.

A nonconforming right is lost if:
  • The use is discontinued for a period of one year;
  • The building is voluntarily removed or renovated to remove the nonconformity; or
  • The property receives a Certificate of Noncompliance for Code issues and no correction is made within a six-month time period.