Pollution Prevention

Public Participation

Some things you can do to prevent water pollution:
  • Always use an Atmospheric Breaker Valve (ABV) on your hose bib to prevent backflow.
  • Clean up spills with kitty litter, or other absorbent materials, and let dry. Dispose of cleanup as solid waste.
  • Do not mix other materials with oil.
  • Do not wash tools and equipment in driveways, gutters or drainage ways. Wash over grassed or soil areas where wash water won't reach the street.
  • Inspect and maintain vehicles to reduce leakage of fluids.
  • Never use the gutter or storm drain system for disposal of household hazardous waste. Storm drains dump directly into our rivers and waterways. If you wouldn't drink it, don't dump it.
  • Recycle Oil - pour waste oil into an unbreakable container (plastic milk jug), seal and label.
    • Recycling used oil could reduce national petroleum imports by 25.5 million barrels per year.
  • Reduce automotive emissions through regular maintenance and by limiting vehicle usage.
  • Store toxic products and chemicals indoors or in a shed or storage cabinet.
  • Take unwanted hazardous materials and containers to the household hazardous waste disposal facility.
  • Vehicles should be washed at a commercial car wash. Vehicles can be washed on the lawn with biodegradable soap to reduce waste water flows to the storm drain system.

Additional Information

To report illegal dumping of oil, fuel, paint and other hazardous materials into the storm system, contact Ogden City Public Ways and Parks call 801-629-8271. (After hours call 911) For more information about pollution prevention, call 801-399-8381 or 800-458-0145.