Meters & Maintenance

Water System

Ogden City Water division is responsible for an intricate water system. With over 395 miles of water mains, reservoirs, wells and pressure regulation systems and over 24,000 water meters; our crews work diligently to keep the system in good working order.

Storage Capacity

In the last few years new reservoirs were added to increase water storage capacity. Recent bonds have replaced or repaired major infrastructure such as tanks, transmission lines, wells and pumps. Our pressure regulation system was updated and new pressure regulation valves installed. This new infrastructure, coupled with the expertise and skill of our system operators has brought our water utility to a level of excellence recognized throughout the state.

Master Plan

Ogden City has a Culinary Water Master Plan that was adopted in 2012. This plan assesses the water system and identifies and ranks areas for replacement or repair. The plan assists Ogden Water to be efficient and cost effective when planning upgrades and maintenance of our system.