Eagle Scout Projects


The emphasis of the Eagle Scout project is to demonstrate the Scout's leadership and initiative in providing community service.   Ogden City supports this philosophy and we welcome scouts that aspire to reach this esteemed rank. 

These guidelines are used by Ogden City for implementation of Eagle Projects and are in addition to those of the Boy Scouts of America.  


Have your own idea for a project?  Contact Stacey at 801-629-8214 to present your project idea.  Or look at some ideas we have.

Improve Our Trails

Trail restoration creates a fun, safe environment for the community and its visitors. It also enhances the natural beauty of our trails. Whether it is litter pick up, invasive species removal or trimming trees and shrubs, opportunities await.

Your Neighborhood Parks

Park enhancements include weeding shrub beds, mulching trees and flowerbeds, ball field support, play area maintenance, clean picnic tables, sweep concrete areas, invasive weed removal, painting restrooms and pavilions.

Fire Hydrants

There are thousands of hydrants throughout the City. When they have a fresh coat of paint, they make the entire neighborhood shine a little more. 

Park Benches and Picnic Tables

The City has 43 parks and we can always use new benches and tables.  We have the legs and stain, you provide the wood, hardware and concrete.

Locate and Label Water Meters

 Stickers are placed on the curb in front of a property pointing to the water meter in front of a property.   These stickers help the water department locate the meter quickly if there is ever an emergency and the water needs to be shut off.  It also helps the meter readers find the meter when checking readings.   It saves time for everyone!