Ogden City operates a recyclables collection system as part of its refuse program.  Because of our commitment to residents to continue recycling, curbside recyclables are taken to Wasatch Integrated Waste Management.  Partnering with Wasatch Integrated Waste Management has been beneficial due to their recycling process, and has increased the recyclable list from only #1 and #2, to the new expanded recycling list you can find below!  Residents are encouraged to sort their recyclable materials and are encouraged to place the following items in their blue cans:

  • Plastics #1, #2, (#3 is NOT included), #4, #5, #6, #7  Complete List
  • Household (Kitchen) Steel and aluminum cans
    • To save space in your can, please crush your cans
  • Clean unwaxed cardboard
    • To save space in your can, please break down your cardboard boxes
  • Clean Paper


Beginning May 2, 2023, Ogden City will begin picking up recycling on a bi-weekly basis.  This means that your recycling will be picked up every other week on the same day that your normal garbage is picked up.  THIS DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR NORMAL GARBAGE PICK-UP. Garbage will continue to be picked up every week on your normal collection day.  Notifications of this change will be posted during the month of April.  Notices will be placed directly on customer recycling cans via door hanger style application, on city-owned social media channels, press release, city-owned website, newsletters and utility bills.


Ogden City is committed to the responsible collection and care of recyclable material.  After careful review of facility options, their capabilities, and the cost of bringing our materials there, City Administration has determined that the  most economic and responsible option is to deliver our recycling waste to Wasatch Integrated Waste Management in Davis County, with their new dirty MRF (Material Recovery Facility). Based on our review, we felt confident that Wasatch Integrated Waste Management would recycle our waste consistent with our goals of protecting the environment and reducing landfill. 


Ogden City operates a recyclables collection system as part of its Refuse program.  Because of our commitment to residents to continue recycling, curb side recyclables are taken to Wasatch Integrated Waste Management.  Partnering with Wasatch Integrated Waste Management has been beneficial due to their recycling process but hauling recyclables has been challenging due to exceeding the capacity of equipment and personnel.  Current route requirements prohibit proper maintenance schedules, which results in additional equipment downtime and unnecessary repair expenses.   Maintenance issues are mitigated with bi-weekly recycling collection.  Additionally, by-weekly routes allow completion of the routes with more efficiency and effectiveness. Previously, it was proposed to add another Solid Waste Collector position and a new vehicle to accommodate the route requirements.   The cost to implement those additional expenditures is estimated to be $477,489.90.  Changing the recycling schedule to every other week eliminates the estimated increase in cost.


According to a 2021 census, persons per household in Ogden averaged 2.66.   Recycling services provided every other week will not create a significant impact to continue excellent service for our residents.  Only the frequency of pickup will change. 

There will be no changes to the collection days.  

Our Three Strike Program allows the city to remove a recycle cart from a property for one year, if non-recyclable items are found in the cart three different times. Upon the third incident, the resident is issued a third strike notice.   Refuse continues to be collected at the address and the homeowner continues to pay for refuse removal.  One strike can be removed if the resident attends a recycling class offered weekly at our facility.  Recycling is offered as a complimentary service as an incentive by Ogden City.  

Refuse Rate:

  1. First Cart Rate:  96-gallon cart - $23.27
  2. Additional Cart Rate:  96-gallon cart - $20.30 per month/per additional cart

12-2-2: Automated Collection Systems:

B. Carts Furnished By City: The city will furnish, free of charge for each billing address, one automated cart for garbage and refuse collection and a second automated cart for collection of recyclables, both of which carts will be compatible with the automated collection system. If additional automated carts are needed by the customer to accommodate additional waste, or if more than one dwelling unit is at a single billing address, the customer may obtain additional automated carts at the fee established in title 4, chapter 6 of this code. 


  • South Ogden – Recycles every other week.
  • Riverdale – Recycles every other Wednesday.
  • Washington Terrace – Recycles every other Wednesday.
  • Roy – Recycles every other week.
  • Harrisville – Recycles every other week.
  • North Ogden – Discontinued recycling.  The blue can is used for garbage overflow.  Emptied every other week.

Glass Recycling

Ogden City provides residents with glass recycling options at three separate locations. Large containers marked ‘Glass Recycling’ are located at 4th Street Park, the Green Waste Site and Ogden High School’s south parking lot.

Residents can drop off all types of glass at the bins, including brown, green and clear glass. Glass is not allowed in the blue recycle bins residents have at their home for curb side collection—those bins are to be used for plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and paper products only.

Momentum Recycling maintains the glass recycling bins and coverts post-consumer glass into high-quality raw material at their Salt Lake facility for a wide range of uses including decorative tiles, fiberglass insulation, sandblasting, filtration systems, and concrete additives.

Residents are urged to rinse out glass bottles, jars and containers and remove their labels and lids.