Burn Permit Application

Open Burning

The Utah Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) has revised the requirements for open burning throughout the State of Utah. As a result, the permitting process within Ogden City has changed to be compliant with these changes. Residents must have a permit from both the Fire Department and from the Utah DEQ. Applicants must go to the DEQ website listed below to obtain a DEQ permit prior to burning. The Fire Department will then contact applicant for permit fee and to schedule an inspection of the burn site location.

Permits may be issued for open burning of yard debris for the following periods:
  • March 30th through May 30th
  • September 15th through October 30th

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Permit

In order for an individual to obtain a DEQ permit, they must visit the Utah DEQ's website and fill out the online permit application form. A copy of this form is then automatically sent via email to Ogden Fire Department. If they need help with the new process they may contact the Fire Department for assistance at 801-629-8074.

Important Note: The burn site location must be inspected and approved by the Fire Department prior to a department permit being issued. They must have both an Ogden City fire permit and a DEQ permit in order to burn legally. The application fee for a permit is $10. 

The burning requirements for open burning shall not be less that 50 feet from any structure, the pile needs to be less that 3 feet in diameter and no higher that 2 feet.   No trash may be burned whatsoever.  The fire needs to be constantly attended to at all times.  Fire extinguishing equipment shall be immediately available: a portable extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating or dirt, sand, a water barrel, garden hose or a water truck.