Urban Archive

Take your education out on the town! Urban Archive, a virtual learning platform, allows users to take walking and digital tours of Ogden. These specialized tours allow users to find historical locations around them and learn the history of their city! Find their website here or download the app on IOS.

Walking Tours

  1. Browning Gun Shops
  2. Black History: Among the Porters and Waiters
  3. Let's Pretend it's Sunday: Ice Cream Sundaes in Ogden

The Browning family helped put Ogden on the map. Starting in the 1870s as one of Ogden’s first gunsmiths, Jonathan Browning cared for the citizens of Ogden as a gun repair shop before the transcontinental railroad was completed. His sons John Moses and Matthew Browning changed the world of guns forever. The early Browning family, although they had fame, never forgot about their heritage and past. They continued to live in Ogden even after the Browning guns and various stores took off. Explore this section of Ogden where their homes and first shops tell the story of where their innovating empire began.

Digital Tours

  1. City Schoolhouse: Education in Ogden

The citizens of Utah Territory in 1850 knew education was central to a community’s success. As soon as they arrived, people established private and some public schools to educate children in secular and religious subjects. However, Ogden’s leaders soon realized the path to statehood included robust public schooling—schooling focused on secular rather than religious knowledge. The citizens of Ogden established strong public schools as they believed that investment in education would yield long-term growth and prosperity for both individuals and the community. Explore Ogden’s schools from our earliest days and learn about the development of education with this tour!

Indoor Tours

  1. Memories Made: Centennial Union Station Building Tour

Experience the memories of rail passengers and workers at the station and explore places that have seen 100 years of history. Watch as memories bring Ogden’s Union Station building to life. In this tour, recreate 10 iconic photos inside of the Union Station and post them to social media! See Urban Archive for photo recreation details.