Utah State Railroad Museum

Union Station became home to the railroad museum in 1978, as it transitioned from being a train station to a cultural center. After 10 years, it became the official Utah State Railroad Museum. Union Station is the perfect site for a museum of this stature, as it brought the wealth of the railroad to Ogden and prosperity to Northern Utah. Ogden was the central hub of railroad travel from the times of the Transcontinental Railroad until passenger service ended in the 1970s. Union Station was the heart of Ogden railroading throughout this long history.

This museum showcases the history of railroading in Ogden. From the Transcontinental Railroad to the golden age of rail travel, this museum shares a wealth of information. The many exhibits showcase the breath and diversity of railroading in Utah. It is educational and interactive, perfect for the whole family. Features inside the Utah State Railroad Museum include the Big Boy Theater, Children’s Play area, Golden Spike Vault, and caboose.