Policy Priorities

A Blueprint For a Stronger Ogden - Our First 100 Days Together

Priorities are rooted in our vision and our values, and the details of our priorities will be informed in our first 100 days through expert advice, and input from residents and stakeholders via community engagement and collaboration. These priorities will be complementary and synergistic with each other, and will form the basis of our efforts moving forward. Every city department will play a shared role in addressing these priorities, which will be adjusted and informed through data driven decisions and adaptive management. As I shared during the campaign and as outlined below, my priority is on the people of our great city, and everything that impacts them and helps them achieve their own greatness.Mayor Recreation

Health and Wellness

We live in a time of mental and emotional crisis and worsening physical health and wellness across our country. Access to the outdoors, to programs and opportunities for sports and recreation, active transportation, and physical and mental wellness have never been more important, especially for our youth.  We will make the health and wellness of our people, especially our youth, a top priority.  We’ll evaluate our city-sponsored youth programs, as well as those offered by service providers and private industry. We will identify gaps in city-wide resources and services, and develop programming that increases participation across all socio-economic backgrounds, while ensuring that community health, as measured by key metrics, is improving as a result of our efforts.

Physical Environment

Our city’s infrastructure forms the backbone of our physical environment. Our network of roads, sidewalks, water lines, sewer lines, storm drain, curbs and gutters provide for and protect our fundamental human needs every day. We’ll make investments in our infrastructure a top priority, especially our roads and sidewalks. We will conduct a thorough review of infrastructure budgets and if necessary complete audits and inventories of every infrastructure type.  This will help us build upon existing long-term plans that will accelerate our efforts to overcome our decades-long backlog of deferred maintenance.

Economic Environment

We will work toward fiscal sustainability with stabilized tax rates that keep hard earned money in the pockets of our citizens, while providing revenues that fund essential city services, and market-based cost-of-living adjustments that keep pace with inflationary pressures and demands for growing city services.  We’ll support small businesses with a collaborative business development team, development projects that facilitate success. This team will help improve business licensing, building and permitting policies and processes that facilitate a collaborative business environment. We’ll serve our unsheltered residents with compassion, and we’ll acknowledge their inherent dignity, potential and accountability. We will collaborate with neighboring communities and partners to implement solutions that provide opportunities for safe, stable and attainable housing options and support services. Finally, we’ll analyze business and economic trends and opportunities and invest in workforce development to meet the workforce demands of today, and the workforce needs of tomorrow. These efforts are critical to building a successful community that every individual and family can live in and call home.

Social Environment

We’ll maintain our focus on keeping businesses, neighborhoods, schools and places of worship safe.  And we’ll continue to invest in our police officers and firefighters to ensure that our first responders are well-staffed, well-trained, and well-supported in our community.  We’ll look for ways to connect our first responders with opportunities to serve and mentor our youth. We’ll make sure that our first responders have the world-class training and equipment they need to keep our city safe. And we’ll create a community of support through trust building and accountability. We will continue to hire, train, and retain the best, and we’ll commit to integrity and transparency to build trust.  We’ll support, celebrate, and defend those who serve with honor and integrity, and we’ll embrace accountability by continuously evaluating our actions and committing to necessary improvements to better serve our community. We will actively recognize and prioritize the involvement of our community in our governance and decision-making. We’ll elevate and empower the role of communications in our day-to-day governance, and seek public input early in our decision-making processes. We’ll activate our communications team and networks to share information widely, including opportunities for our staff and residents to invest in their own greatness. Finally, we will focus on previously unengaged segments of our community, creating avenues for these groups to contribute their voices and perspectives. This approach aims to foster a more connected, safe, and supportive social environment, where every resident feels empowered to participate and grow within Ogden.

Cultural Environment

We’ll respect, value, and learn from all people from all faiths and all nations. Whether it be arts, economics, cuisine, or recreation, we’ll make sure our friends and neighbors from all faiths and all nations have opportunities to be heard, to be involved, and to thrive in Ogden.

Political Environment

Collaboration will be the key to shaping a community-focused governance in our political environment. Our decisions will prioritize the needs and well-being of Ogden’s residents above partisan considerations or political ambitions. This approach will set a tone for community building and evolve into a consistent practice connecting all our activities. By continually practicing this approach, we aim to cultivate a culture where individual and collective accountability and achievements are paramount. This culture will extend to every aspect of civic engagement, fostering transparent communication and ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. Such a culture will lay a strong foundation for our community, aligning with our shared vision of a city where every individual thrives, supported by a government that represents and responds to their needs.

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