Shared Values

A Blueprint For a Stronger Ogden - Our First 100 Days Together

Shared values are the cornerstone of effective leadership, in setting clear expectations, and fostering cohesive teamwork. They also serve as a compass for setting expectations, providing a framework for the standards and norms that shape individual and collective performance. When we embrace common values, it creates a foundation of shared principles that guide decision-making and behavior. This alignment ensures that everyone is working towards common objectives and promotes a sense of unity and purpose. In a team environment, these shared values cultivate a culture of trust, mutual understanding and respect, enabling a culture of collaboration and efficient problem-solving. Egyptian theater_OgdenCity

As your Mayor, I commit to maintaining high ethical standards for myself and the staff in all city operations, ensuring that every decision is honest, principled, and morally upright. This commitment includes creating a transparent decision-making process where actions are consistent with our words, and ethical dilemmas are navigated with a steadfast adherence to the values outlined below.


Integrity is fundamental to our governance in Ogden City, embodying unwavering honesty, fairness, and sincerity. Our commitment is to align actions with words, ensuring ethical conduct in all decisions. This steadfast dedication to integrity establishes a culture of trust within our community and institutions, setting a standard for our collective endeavors. It is the foundation and unchanging benchmark that guides our service to the community and each other. We start with integrity and end with integrity. Anything less is a disservice to the community, to our partners and to ourselves.


Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships in Ogden City, both within government and with our citizens. We commit to building and maintaining trust through clear, transparent communication and by consistently meeting our commitments. Trust is also recognized as the bedrock of positive interactions, founded on the belief in the integrity, competence, and goodwill of all involved. While it requires time to cultivate, trust is vital for fostering collaboration, cooperation, and a secure community, making Ogden a model for strong and trustworthy civic relationships.


Transparency is a key value in Ogden City’s governance. We commit to openness and clarity in all our communications and decisions, proactively sharing information and the reasoning behind our actions. This approach not only builds trust among staff, residents, and partners, including the City Council, but also ensures our processes are transparent and understandable. Our focus on transparency fosters an accountable environment that encourages public participation and informed engagement. As Mayor, it is my expectation that Ogden City administrators and staff feel confident in our direction together. This will allow staff to be open and provide clarity in government operations, thus ensuring our processes and decisions are accessible and understandable by those affected by our decisions. We will proactively share information in a timely manner, and provide the rationale behind our decisions, the methods used to reach them, and their anticipated impacts. Through this process, we will foster an environment where accountability is paramount, and public participation is encouraged. 

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is central to our vision for Ogden City. It’s about more than just individual development; it enhances our collective well-being, work, and community purpose. We are committed to nurturing this mindset, focusing on both personal and professional growth for all residents and staff. This involves creating opportunities for skill and knowledge enhancement, encouraging goal-setting, learning from experiences, and adapting to change. By fostering a culture of growth, we not only strengthen our team’s capacity to serve our city but also build a more resilient and supportive community.


It will be my expectation that Ogden City leadership and staff will seek to understand and meet the needs of all of our residents, as well as those who do business in Ogden. This includes actively seeking community input and ensuring our policies and actions reflect the community’s best interests. We will demonstrate a selfless commitment to providing support, and value to others, with the goal of meeting their needs or enhancing their well-being. We will encourage a genuine dedication to contributing positively to our citizens and prioritize the greater good, with empathy, compassion, and a sense of purpose and responsibility. At the same time, we will encourage our residents to do the same for our city staff, and for their neighbors, as we seek to build unity and strength through our service.


By recognizing the strength of our community and its people, we will encourage collaboration across all sectors of Ogden City. We will pool our diverse skills, perspectives, and resources to enhance creativity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. I firmly believe that successful collaboration relies on effective communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to the collective objective. We will work to leverage the strength of our staff and community by fostering innovation to address issues effectively and with vigor.


It is important that we understand that effective governance requires a modest and unpretentious approach, acknowledging our limitations and being open to learning from others. Humility is a guiding principle in my leadership and community interactions and as Mayor, I will reinforce this value and demonstrate that we must not be driven by arrogance or a need for validation. Rather, we must be motivated by a commitment to collaboration, a willingness to receive and act on feedback, and a readiness to adapt and improve. We must balance our strengths and weaknesses and foster an attitude of respect toward others and a willingness to embrace diverse perspectives. 

Innovation and Data Driven Decision-Making

Fostering a culture of innovation involves embracing risk, learning from failures, and encouraging collaboration among diverse minds. By valuing innovation, we will adapt to evolving landscapes, stay ahead in competitive environments, and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of our community. Ogden City will improve our use of data analytics and evidence-based strategies to make informed, objective and adaptive decisions that reflect our community’s needs and opportunities. This approach will enable us to optimize resources, anticipate future challenges, adapt to changing landscapes and realities, measure our progress towards achieving our goals, and respond effectively to the dynamic landscape of community leadership. These are the catalysts for progress and transformation, representing the relentless pursuit of novel ideas, processes, and solutions to address challenges and create positive change. Innovation involves a mindset of curiosity, creativity, and a willingness to challenge the status quo, and seeks out fresh perspectives and inventive thinking leads to improvements. As part of this initiative, we have been fortunate to be chosen to host a team of graduate fellows, graciously funded and provided by The Transition Term Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and the Taubman Center for State and Local Government. This collaboration is not about replacing or overshadowing our current efforts, but enriching them. These individuals have experience steeped in public policy and education and will work hand-in-hand with staff to meet with experts, community members and stakeholders. Their primary task will be to review current operations and help us define and measure key performance categories that align with our policy objectives. It’s about bringing new insights and working with our dedicated staff to compile and analyze crucial data. This partnership will yield key performance indicators and policy priorities, providing valuable guidance not just for the immediate future but also for our government’s long-term efficacy and success. This data will serve as the baseline metrics for a Mayor’s State of the City Address at the conclusion of our first 100 days together, and a community dashboard moving forward.

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