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About Engineering

The Engineering Division of Ogden City works mainly in designing, monitoring and improving the infrastructure of the city. Working closely with the City's Water, Sewer, Storm Drain, and Street Divisions, Ogden City engineers determine the utility needs for an ever-evolving city.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of utility services available to residents, it occasionally becomes necessary to construct water tanks and pipelines along Ogden's hillsides or to tear up roads to replace aging and inadequate utility pipes. These temporary inconveniences help ensure a better quality of life for residents in the future.

Snow on the Sidewalks

Residents are required to remove snow and ice from the city sidewalks directly adjacent to their property within 12 hours of the time the snow has stopped falling.  If the storm has stopped during the night, then within 12 hours of the sunrise of the following day.  See Ogden City Code 7-2-8 for more detail

Where are the Snow Plows?

State Roads, City Streets and Private Streets are all cleared by different plows.  Please see the map on the City & State Roads page to determine who owns the road you are inquiring about.

  • State Roads are plowed and maintained by UDOT
  • City Streets are plowed and maintained by Ogden City Public Services
  • Private Streets and Lanes are usually maintained by a private plow service contracted by the owner.

Ogden City crews will clear snow from priority roads first. Priority roads include: 

  • Routes leading to Hospitals
  • Routes leading to Schools
  • City-maintained heavily traveled roads
  • Intersections
  • Slick hills and dangerous curves

When those areas are cleared, side streets are completed

City workers try to have all roads cleared within 15 hours unless the storm is prolonged. Then, priority roads take precedence and other streets (residential and dead-end streets) will be cleared when conditions allow.

Street Parking in the Winter

It is the City's policy to plow curb to curb. Cars should not be parked on the street. On garbage day, cans should be removed from the road as soon as possible. Cars that remain unmoved on city streets more than 48 hours past the end of a snow event are at risk of being cited (ticketed) and possibly towed. (See Ogden City Code 10-5-21 for more detail)