Land Use Applications in Review

The following proposals are currently in review by the City of Ogden and are subject to public comment.

Planning Commission March 6, 2024

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 Conditional Use Permit, new cell tower at Ben Lomond High School Football Field
1080 9th Street

Conditional Use Permit Amendment, new storage building
505 W 12th Street

East Lynne Village Subdivision
236 Porter Avenue
16-lots ranging from 5,300 sq. ft. to 7,200 sq. ft.

Rezone R-3 to C-3
967 12th Street/1245 Monroe Blvd.

Preliminary group dwelling, Grandview Townhomes
3865 Jackson Ave.
Proposal for 90 townhome and small single-family dwelling units
Proposed Elevations

Ogden Bend Redevelopment Master Plan amendment

Board of Zoning Adjustment February 28, 2024 - Agenda

Description & Address (Click on item to see application)NoticeStaff Report
901 Washington Boulevard
Variance from the required minimum front-yard and side-yard facing a street setbacks

February 28, 2024BZA February 28, 2024

Landmarks Commission February 22, 2024 - Agenda

Description & Address (Click on item to see application)
Staff Report
103 25th Street
To replace the fabric of the existing awning and new exterior paint.

2561 Van Buren Ave
To install rain gutters


2580 Jefferson Ave
To remove TPO and clean masonry


Five Year Work Plan

Mayor's Administrative Review Meeting March 8, 2024

No items scheduled

City Council

Description & Address (Click on item to see application)DateStaff Report
Cahoon Street Vacation
768 W 24th Street
Eliminate the undeveloped public street between F Ave. and G Ave.
Extended - no date scheduledCity Council 2/20/2024
Rezone R-1-6 to R-2S
218 Chester Street
Rezone from single-family residential to two-family and small-lot single-family
Approved 2/20/2024City Council 2/20/2024
Street name change - Change "1500 West" to "3030 South"
Change name of cul-de-sac south of Midland Drive
3/12/2024Plan. Comm. 1/3/2024
Rezone R-3/C-2 to R-2S - 335 7th Street
Rezone from multiple-family and commercial to two-family and small-lot single family
Plan. Comm.
Short-term rental ordinance amendments
Proposed zoning ordinance amendments on regulations for renting dwellings for overnight stays
UnscheduledCity Council 2/20/2024
Zone Change 1450 Gibson Ave and 1483 Wall Ave.
Change from M-1 (Limited industrial) to C-3 (Regional Commercial) for two properties 
UnscheduledPlan. Comm. 2/7/2024
Lynn Community Plan Amendment
Amend the plan to encourage historic preservation
UnscheduledPlan. Comm. 2/7/2024

Staff Administrative Meetings

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No items scheduled