To procure goods and services at the best value.


Ogden City reserves the right to cancel a Request for Proposal or Bid.  

Ogden City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals / bids as it best serves its convenience and/or is found to be in the best interest of the City.  

Furthermore, Ogden City shall have the right to waive any informality or technicality in proposals / bids received, when in the best interest of Ogden City.

Ogden City reserves the right to segment or reduce the scope of services and enter into contracts with more than one vendor.

Offerors are responsible for securing any and all addend issued.

Ogden City encourages and welcomes bids and/or proposals from small, local, minority women business owned and other disadvantaged business enterprises.

Submittals - Ogden City does not accept submittals via fax or emails. If the sealed bid or proposal is submitted by mail or other delivery service, submittal must be received by the stated deadline. Sealed bid or proposal may also be hand-carried to the 1st Floor Information / Constable Desk via the west entrance of the Municipal Building.

It is the sole responsibility of those responding to the formal solicitation to ensure their submittal is made to the correct location and in compliance with the stated deadline. City offices are closed on holidays.

All quotes, proposals and bids submitted to Ogden City are considered public records, unless protected within Utah Code 63G-2-1.

Related to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQu) process, to request a confidential submittal, complete a business confidentiality form and submit along with the proposal or statement of qualifications.

To review Ogden City's purchase order general terms and conditions, please click here - Terms and Conditions.

To review Ogden City's current contract insurance requirements, please click here - Ogden City Insurance Requirements.

If you have questions about a purchase order or contract, please email Ogden City Purchasing.

If you have questions about a payment, please email Ogden City Accounts Payable.


Request for Qualifications - General Contractors for Housing Rehabilitation Construction Services (On Going)

Request for Proposal - Asbestos Survey(s) and Asbestos Remediation Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Demolition Services (Closed)


Request for Proposal - OPD Shot Tracking Device (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - SA009 Jefferson Area Utility Improvements (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Management Study of Ogden City's Prosecutor's Office (Closed)

Request for Qualifications - Design Consultant - Ogden East Temple Area (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Banking Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Real Estate Services - Broad Listing Broker (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Constable Services (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Country Hills PRV Station (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Ogden Sports Complex Master Plan (Closes 06-09-2023)

Request for Proposal - Appraisal Services, Residential Real Estate (Closes 06-15-2023)

Invitation to Bid - El Monte Deck Project (Closes 06-22-2023)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Monroe Water Line Ph I (Closes 06-29-2023)

Request for Proposal - Compensation Structure Study (Closes 07-12-2023)