Important Information Before Work Begins

Do Not Start Work Without A Permit!

A permit is required for contractors to work in the City Right-of-Way at all times.  If a contractor is found working in the City Right-of-Way without a permit, they will be issued a Stop Work Order for Working Without a Permit.  This Stop Work Order includes a $600 fine.  The fine must be paid and the correct permit obtained before the Stop Work Order is lifted.

If the job is an after-hours or weekend emergency, the contractor should call Ogden City Engineering's Permit Team at 801-629-8990 or Engineering's Lead Inspector at 801-940-2699 and leave a message before work is started.  

If no notification about the emergency work has been made by the end of the next work day, the contractor will be subject to a fine and placed on a reduced permit restriction.  


"Activating" the permit makes it active in the Inspections system and assigns the appropriate inspection type to the job.  This is done by contacting the Engineering Permits team at 801-629-8990 or by using the Online Activation Form.  

Failure to Activate the permit may lead to restrictions or reductions in the amount of permitted work a contractor is allowed to do at any one time.

Contact Inspector / Schedule Inspection

Immediately after Activating the permit, the contractor should contact their assigned Engineering Inspector to schedule an inspection. The contractor will schedule their inspection directly with the Engineering Inspector for Engineering permits.  The Inspector's name and contact information is found on the upper right-hand corner of the permit, directly under the permit number.  The Inspector will determine at what point he will need to meet with the contractor on-site, depending on the work being performed.

Maintain good communication with your inspector throughout the duration of the job.  If any work is completed, buried, paved or concreted without the appropriate inspection, the contractor will be instructed to remove the material so that inspections may be completed.

See Inspections section for more information

Know the Standards!

It is the contractor's responsibility to know the engineering standards by which they will be performing work.  These can be found in the Documents & Links section.

Document Existing Conditions!

It is recommended that the contractor photograph and/or film existing conditions at the job location, especially sidewalk, curb & gutter.  Any broken or damaged concrete at the job site will be the responsibility of the contractor to replace unless there is proof that the concrete was damaged previous to the work being done.  Often, this is covered in on-site pre-construction meetings as the contractor and inspector walk and inspect the site.

Engineered Plans

Ogden City Engineering requires engineered, detailed plans showing locations of all excavations (including bore pits, vaults, hand-hole boxes, pedestals, etc) and also showing the location of the bore path (dimensioned off of back of curb or sidewalk).  The plans must also show all utilities that cross or run in close proximity to the proposed bore.  

These plans must either be produced by a company that currently has a franchise agreement with Ogden City, or stamped by a licensed professional engineer.  The stamp must be signed and dated prior to submittal  (Utah Admin. Code 156-22-601, 1c)

Bore Path: Location and Depth Constraints

Bore path must be a minimum of 3ft BOC (Back of Curb) in areas with park strip, and 3ft BOW (Back of Walk) where the sidewalk is directly behind the curb, to allow space for water meter boxes behind the curb.  Maximum allowable horizontal deviation from bore path is 12” in either direction. 

Minimum allowable cover of conduit installed by directional bore is 2 feet, unless a greater depth is specified in the submitted plans. 

Accepted Drawing Scales

Drawing scales of 1:10 and 1:20 are accepted for detail-level drawings.  Drawing scales of 1:30, 1:40 and 1:50 are preferred scales for submitted Site Plan drawings.  Drawing scales greater than 1:50 are not accepted due to the level of detail required in the submitted Site Plan

Utility CabinetsSight Triangle and Corner Zone

All utility cabinets must be located back of walk in the PUE/MUE.  No cabinets are allowed in the park strip unless expressly authorized by the City Engineer.

  •  No utility cabinets are allowed within intersection Sight Triangles, as defined in Ogden City Code 7-3-2
  • No vaults, handholes or other underground boxes are allowed in the corner zone due to current and future ADA ramp placements.

Utility Easements (PUE/MUE & Private)

All Utility Easements (Public, Municipal or Private) that are being used within the scope of work being performed MUST be shown on the submitted plans.

Bore Logs

All Bore Logs must be submitted to the Engineering Inspector

Video Inspection

A video inspection may be required at the discretion of the Engineering Inspector to verify that a city utility lateral or main has not been damaged in the process of the bore.  

Preconstruction Meeting

An on-site Preconstruction Meeting is required for all directional bore jobs in Ogden City at least 24 hours (or 1 business day) prior to work starting.  Please contact your assigned Engineering Inspector to Schedule.  

The Engineering Inspector contact information is found in the top right-hand corner of the permit, below the permit number.

Using City Water for Bore Work

Contractors connecting to the fire hydrants within Ogden City's water system MUST have a city-issued hydrant meter as part of that connection. Those connecting without a hydrant meter will be prosecuted for theft of services.

Utility and Infrastructure Repairs

Contractor shall be responsible for damage or destruction to property and/or utilities during the course of construction, including pipelines, culverts, conduits, cabling, asphalt and concrete pavement.  Such damages must be repaired quickly, and restored to a condition equal to or better than prior to boring.  The existing site condition will be assessed during the pre-construction meeting.

Landscape Restoration and Repairs

Landscaping at bore-pit locations or any other locations damaged or disturbed by contractor MUST be restored to a condition equal to or better than it was prior to the bore job.  Any components of an irrigation or sprinkler system (pipe, control wire) that are damaged as a result of permitted directional bore work must be repaired immediately upon discovery 

Irrigation / Sprinkler Repair

Testing of sprinkler (or irrigation) systems crossed by the bore is a requirement to finalize the permit and close out work.  Contractor will still be liable for damage incurred to irrigation and sprinkler systems during the course of a directional bore job during the fall/winter/spring seasons when irrigation systems are not charged.  

 Homeowner/Property owner will have until July 31st of the following summer to submit a damage claim to Ogden City.  Upon discovery that the reported damage was indeed caused by the bore job, the Contractor will immediately repair  said damage.

Failure to repair / replace damaged landscaping, utilities & infrastructure in a timely manner may result in the suspension of current and future work, and will result in claims filed against the contractor’s bond.

Boring Under a River

Boring under a river requires prior approval from the necessary state and federal agencies. Those approvals must be in place for permit issuance.  City and/or State permits may be required. Please contact Ogden City's SWPP Engineer (801-629-8199) for questions regarding river/stream crossing bores.

Working Near Trees in the Right-of-Way

Trees in the park strip and other areas of the Right-of-Way are owned and maintained by Ogden City. All concerns dealing with tree trimming, broken branches or the health of city trees should be directed to the Ogden City Urban Forester (801-629-8284) Contractors must take measures to protect the trees while working in the City Right-of-Way,    See documents linked below: