Info for the General Public

Why is the road closed?

Road closures (both planned and unplanned) will happen from time to time, usually due to a utility break, or a need to maintain or replace a pipeline or cable.  

  • Is this a permitted utility job?  Contact the Engineering Permit Coordinator for info: 801-629-8990 or
  • Is this an Ogden City project?  Check the "Current Projects" page to see what utility projects the city is currently managing.
  • Is this work being done on a state road?  Contact UDOT Region One offices if the work is being done one of the State Roads in Ogden City

I'm having problems with my water or sewer service...

0A - Water OutageFirst, check the webpage for a Water Outage notification.  If there are no notifications, contact Ogden City Water and ask if there are any known service outages affecting your area.