Granite Construction is scheduled to begin the second half of the North Tie-Down Apron Reconstruction on Tuesday June 1st, 2021. 

Phase One - June 1st - July 19th

The pavement will be removed airside of four hangars. Each of these hangar owners & users should make arrangements to not have aircraft access in or out of their hangars between June 1st and July 19th.

Affected Hangars - N-1302, the northmost bay only, Hangar N-1410, Hangar N-1460, and Hangar N-1504.

Phase Two - July 19th - August 3rd

Twenty one (21) hangars will lose the ability to get an aircraft from their hangar to the Runway & Taxiways. Each hangar owner or user will need to make arrangements to not have aircraft access in or out of their hangars between July 19th and August 23rd. 

Affected Hangars - Hangar N848, Hangar N-824, Hangars N-946, N-942, N-936, N-930, N-924, N-918, N-1038, N-1034, N-1028, N-1022, N-1016 & N-1010, Hangar N-916, Hangar N-1004, Hangar 1108, Hangar N-1116, Hangar N-1110, Hangar N-1204, and Hangar N-1302.

Additional time will be required to core the tie-down anchor points and to paint in the striping and the tie-down "T's". 

These dates represent the best estimates for each phase, but the actual times could vary somewhat. 

The full project should be completed by mid September. 

OGD North Apron Phasing Plan May 2021 (1) Opens in new window

June 2021

  • Demolition of Hangars N-420, S-543, S-553
  • Construction of Fiber Optic network loop around OGD Airport for internet access / data transmission
  • Maintenance Complex west side of airport improvements - Grading / cleanup ; utilities upgrade ; creation of west side entrance

July 2021

  • Demolition of old tower on top of terminal building. Completed August 2021 
  • Demolition of Hangar N-850

August 2021

  • Design of $2 million expansion of airport terminal; construction Spring 2022
  • Replacement of antiquated airport generator with larger capacity
  • Replacement of Pilot Control Lighting system
  • Replacement of Hangar 755 roof

September 2021

  • Construction of new partial parallel taxiway Foxtrot west of approach end of Runway 17
  • Remodel of restaurant in terminal