City Programs, Services, & Facilities



  • Facilities that are closed: Marshall White, Golden Hours, Union Station, The Corner
  • Community Services Building (Recreation/Cemetery) Closed
    • Cemetery needs are by appointment only
  • The Dump pass program: We will suspend dump passes until further notice. Dump passes are given to Ogden City residents that pay into Refuse. We will extend these services following restrictions
  • Youth Recreation is suspended until further notice


  • The City Cashier is now located at the Francom Public Safety Building
    • 2186 Lincoln Avenue, Ogden.
    • 801-629-8000
  • By phone call or appointment only
    • Cemetery
    • All Municipal Building Business
    • Business Information Center
  • Green Waste site is still open
    • Please show your current or expired pass.  If you need a new pass, call:
    • Operations at 801-629-8271
    • Parks department at 801-629-8284
    • Green Waste site Supervisor at 801-629-8405

We will then verify accounts and call the Green Waste employees letting them know a new resident will stop by, showing their ID at the window of the Green Waste site.

  • Business licensing and permitting is available but should be done by phone when possible


  • Public Utilities Cashier remains open
    • please refrain from using cash when possible
  • Our water supply is safe and will continue to be so
  • Water and sewer leaks will continue to be serviced and repaired uninterrupted
  • Garbage Collection will continue as normal
  • Public Safety