Water FAQs

1.Does the Utility charge deposits?
Deposits are charged according to your credit with us. If you have had previous service the payment history would be reviewed. Deposits are also assessed after a disconnection for non payment or for failure to apply for services. The Utility may also require a deposit if there is a history of delinquency or extenuating circumstances.
2.Do you offer auto pay?
We are happy to offer auto pay using either a checking of savings account. Complete and return the form with a voided check or savings information. Automatic Withdrawal Form (PDF)
3.How do I know who provides my secondary water?
Secondary water is charged on your property tax. Check your tax record for the name of your secondary provider.
4.My garbage can is broken. How do I get it replaced?
Please contact the Garbage Department at 801-629-8271.
5.What are the phone numbers for surrounding area Utilities?
Bona Vista Water 801-621-0474
North Ogden City 801-782-1211
Pine View Secondary Water 801-621-6555
Questar Gas 801-621-3262
Rocky Mountain Power 888-221-7070
South Ogden City 801-622-2700
Washington Terrace City 801-395-8280
Weber Basin Water 801-771-1677
6.What information do I need to apply for water service?
We ask that you bring in your State issued picture I.D. and your closing documents.
7.When will I get my deposit back?
Deposits are returned after two years of on time payments or applied to the balance at the close out of the account.