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Indoor Surfing

Indoor Surfing

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Indoor Surfing

Catch a wave and a thrilling ride on the FlowRider indoor surfing attraction at the Salomon Center. The FlowRider is the first truly interactive sport/skill ride to emerge in the world of aquatic recreation. It is the only water attraction where spectators enjoy watching as much as participants enjoy riding.

This family friendly thrill ride is a recent innovation in water park technology. Special pumps and propellers generate a thin sheet of water that flows over a stationary wave form. The resulting "wave-like" shape permits riders to slide down, carve a turn, and ride up the wave surface, emulating the maneuvers of other board sports.

Ogden’s FlowRider allows for two surfers at a time using special stand-up boards for surfing or body boards. For more information, contact FlowRider.

Catch a Wave!