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High Adventure Recreation

High Adventure Recreation

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When you visit Ogden, be prepared for much more excitement than what you’d find in a typical mountain town. This is the place Al Capone said was too wild for his taste in the 1920s. And while today we’ve replaced the 1920s bootlegging, prostitution, and gambling with high adventure skiing, climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking, Ogden’s soul will always be a bit rowdy.

If you’re rolling around the western United States with a rack full of skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks, climbing gear and an appetite for life, welcome to one of the funkiest places you’ve ever been.

Skydiving Climbing

Poke around our website for tidbits on our high adventure lifestyle; hopefully it makes you want to poke around Ogden, too.  It’s safe to say you came to this website because you saw all the ink in various ski magazines regarding Ogden-area skiing.  There’s plenty to go around, but most locals are still coming to terms with seeing their favorite stashes splashed across magazine pages as ski meccas.  When you roll into town, obviously you’ll be welcomed.  If you want it to stay that way, you should understand how we operate.

Watersports Surfing

We don’t poach a guy’s powder shot.  If someone is standing there scoping out their line, don’t jump in.  We don’t snowshoe on groomed Nordic trails.  On the trail, we all yield to horses.  Bikes yield to hikers.  Usually hikers will step aside for bikes even though they don’t have to.  When they do, mountain bikers say thanks.  We carry out more than we carry in.  We respect leash laws, private property, and access areas.  We yield to pedestrians in crosswalks…except for the boneheads who don’t.  Watch out for them.