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Ogden in the News

Ogden in the News

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Ogden Urban Forestry Committee Seeks Members

Ogden City is seeking members for the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee. This is a non-paid volunteer position which provides advice to the Ogden Urban Forester on a wide range of activities. A technical background in forestry or related field is not required however, a commitment to beautifying the Ogden City landscape is essential for Committee membership.

Hands of Experience and Love donate hand-made items to Newborn Unit of McKay Dee Hospital

Hand-made items from volunteers at the Golden Hours Senior Center were presented to McKay Dee Foundation to aid in caring for newborns who need supplies. The Golden Hours volunteers have helped many community institutions with their industrious generosity.

Fire Chief Outlines Disaster Preparedness

Be prepared when diaster strikes with these tips from Ogden City Fire Chief.

Boeing Donates Four-Thousand dollars to Ogden Nature Center

In last year's windstorm, the teepee in Ogden Nature Center's Native American display was damaged. Boeing generously donated a new teepee for the display as well as binoculars for the Nature Center's birds program.

Ogden Schools see Dramatic Spike in Student Proficiency Scores and celebrate with a Party

Students of Ogden City schools have reason to celebrate with their dramatic spike in test scores!

Ogden wins by Pinning Economic Hopes on Outdoor Recreation

The railroad may have been the economic underpinning of Ogden for years, but city officials say that role is now filled by outdoor recreation.

Creative Use of Space and Equipment aims to keep Ogden Ahead of Crime

OGDEN — When Dave Weloth started as a police officer 20 years ago, he would have liked to have had the information he’s providing today. Weloth now heads the Ogden Police Real Time Crime Center, a small room of computers in the city’s Public Safety Building

Utah House Speaker Commends Ogden for Preserving its History

Rebecca D. Lockhart, speaker of the Utah House of Representatives, was driving through Ogden awhile back when a piece of history appeared outside her car window. Lockhart, R-Provo, spied the art deco palace, Ogden High School, on Harrison Boulevard.

Ogden-Hinckley Airport to Begin Passenger Flights

The Ogden-Hinckley Airport is offering a whole new world to Ogden travelers.

The Cool Place to be When it is Hot!

Lorin Farr Pool is the cool place to be as the temperatures continue to rise. If you are looking for ways to beat this above average heat that we are experiencing, stop by Lorin Farr and take a dip.

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