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Ogden's Mayor Mike Caldwell

Ogden's Mayor Mike Caldwell

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Mike Caldwell

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                                     2549 Washington Blvd Ste 910
Ogden, Utah 84401


About the Mayor of Ogden

Mike Caldwell is a visionary leader. Now in his second term as Ogden’s Mayor, Caldwell continues to put local economic development at the forefront of his agenda.

Caldwell’s work during his first Mayoral term resulted in national acclaim for Ogden with Forbes’, Money magazine, and Newsweek among others touting the city’s ability to adapt to change and find success.

Despite the recognition, Caldwell remains humble. Citizens have come to know him as a transparent city leader with an unsurpassed willingness to listen to their concerns. Dubbed Ogden’s “biking mayor,” Caldwell will tell you he has been passionately losing races for some twenty years. Mike enjoys Ogden’s high-adventure recreation lifestyle with his family, and is most proud of the titles Husband and Dad.