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Ogden City operates under a Mayor-Council government system.PDF Document This form of local government follows the ideal of separation of power set forth by the framers of the Constitution, which vests the City government in separate, independent and equal branches of government. The strong-mayor form of mayor-council government consists of,

  • an executive branch consisting of the Mayor and city departments, and
  • a legislative branch consisting of the City Council and its staff.

The Mayor retains administrative authority and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City, including the annual budget. The City Council must approve many administrative actions and has investigative powers.

The Redevelopment Agency (RDA) is responsible for administering the expenditures of State and Federal funds to improve neighborhoods and encourage new or existing businesses. 

The Municipal Building Authority (MBA) was created as a nonprofit corporation to acquire, improve or extend one or more projects and to finance their costs on behalf of the City.

The Ogden City Justice Court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanor and infraction violations, traffic violations and small claims cases within Ogden City limits.

The City Recorder's office maintains the historical records for the City and provides records research for Ogden City departments and divisions and for the public. Records are stored in a variety of formats including an optical imaging system, microfilm, and hard copy form in the records storage center.