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Property Code Violations

Property Code Violations

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Before Code Enforcement
After Code Enforcement

Ogden City codes and ordinances exist to protect property values, citizen’s rights, neighborhood aesthetics, public safety, as well as to prevent the accumulation of materials that could pose fire, safety or health hazards. The Code Enforcement Division is tasked with the enforcement of Ogden City codes and regulations in order to improve the quality of life in our community.

Anyone can log a complaint of a potential City code violation by phone, emailEmail or online services.

Property Inspections

When violations of city ordinances are discovered the owner of the property is sent a notice of the violation that includes what the violation is, the corrective solutions, a time frame for compliance and any potential penalties that can be imposed if not corrected. The address used for notification is the recorded address of the owner at the Weber County Recorders Office. Most violations need to be corrected within 15 days of the date of the notice. Upon arrival of the due date for compliance, a follow up inspection is conducted. If the violations have been corrected, the case is closed. If the violations still exist, a civil penalty can be imposed based on the violations and is mailed to the owner of the property. Criminal charges may also be imposed (based on the type of violation involved). If the City inspector has received a request to modify the time frame, extensions can be granted to make the corrections. Inspections are then routinely done and appropriate penalties imposed if necessary.

Common Violations

 FrequentPDF Document and typical health and safety violations include,

  • Improper address placement on buildings
  • Improper length of weeds and lawns
  • Failure to keep alleyways clear
  • Improper placement or height of fencesPDF Document
  • Existence of graffiti
  • Existence of inoperable or unlicensed vehicles
  • Existence of junk, debris and salvage materials
  • Illegal parkingPDF Document on property
  • Improper maintenance of vacant buildings
  • Improper placement of signs
  • Improper landscapingPDF Document
  • Housing concerns including such things as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, protection from the elements, life safety, and safety from fire