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Community Planning

Community Planning

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Developing community plans requires the input of citizens, political leaders, developers and professionals in order to create a vision of the City’s plan that all are working towards. Ogden is committed to a process that involves all of the key stake holders as plans are developed.

General PlanPDF Document

Ogden’s general plan is called Involve Ogden and as the name implies, was developed over a four year process involving the entire City at large. The general plan provides a framework and common vision toward which Ogden City should be moving in the various aspects of land use, infrastructure, community identity, environmental resources, housing, neighborhoods, parks and recreation and transportation.

Major Corridor Plans

Corridor plans look at the future development along major streets in Ogden. The nature of major streets is they run through a variety of areas and the corridor plan identifies how to meet the challenges and address the potential of what can happen along the defined street. Current major corridor plans include:

Community PlansPDF Document

Community plans are more location-specific than the general plan as they focus on concerns and future direction of a specific community area in the City. They expand on the general plan topics and become more detailed in giving future directions on the various general plan topics for that community. Current community plans include:

Planning CommunitiesPDF Document

Planning Communities