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A community is only as good as its residents, and Ogden has some of the best residents around. Keeping citizens happy and enthusiastic about their town is Ogden City’s job, and it includes everything from collecting garbage at the curb, keeping water flowing to the kitchen sink, and maintaining the streets in neighborhoods to providing parks and public venues where kids can play and community events can be held.

Community planning , neighborhood development, and historic preservation all are important facets of ensuring the community of Ogden holds tight to its railroad heritage and hometown values while keeping up with the growth, technology, and industry of this ever-changing world.

Ogden's community takes pride in the fact that crime in Ogden is down 23 percent in the past eight years, property taxes are steady while neighboring cities’ rates are increasing, and downtown Ogden has seen a resurgence of business and activity that will bring prosperity to the City for many years to come.

To us, Ogden is more than a great place to visit, it’s a great place to live. For those of us who chose to live here, welcome home.

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