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Ogden Transit Center

Ogden Transit Center

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Ogden Transit Center

The Ogden Transit Center is a facility that brings together many passenger transportation modes and simplifies transfers between them.

The Utah Transit Authority's buses, taxis, Greyhound buses, and all kinds of shuttles meet at the Transit Center on Wall Avenue alongside the Union Pacific Railroad tracks just north of downtown's Union Station. This centralized location makes public transportation to and from Ogden city both simple and easy to use.

It's That Easy

You're a Salt Lake City resident and you're tired of the crowds and traffic - then hop aboard the Frontrunner for a day of fun at The Junction in Ogden, followed by your choice of fine cuisine on Historic 25th Street before boarding the train again for a leisurely ride home.  Or maybe you're an Ogden resident, a sports fanatic with season tickets to the Utah Jazz - don't fight those pre-game restaurant crowds and post game traffic jams. Rather, choose from menus of everything from steak to sushi down Historic 25th Street, then let Frontrunner and TRAX get you to the game and back.

So buy your pass online or at the UTA Pass Sales Outlet at the Ogden Transit Center. Give it a try and you'll find, it's that easy!