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Ogden Attractions

Ogden Attractions

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Skiing at Sunset

High in the mountain desert of northern Utah, nestled so perfectly at the base of the Wasatch range between the Ogden and Weber rivers, lies the city of Ogden, whose major attractions were waiting here long before we ever took notice.

Before the world saw our slopes televised during the 2002 Winter Olympics, before the golden spike was driven at Promontory Point to join the country’s first transcontinental railroad, even before Peter Skeen Ogden began trapping furs in the west, they were here. Breathtaking sunsets above the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island. Gorgeous powder – the greatest snow on earth – dusting the peaks and valleys of Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and Wolf Mountain.  Elk, moose, deer, mountain goats, pheasants and squirrels traversing the trails where we now hike and bike. This is Ogden, and our attractions were put here by Mother Nature, history and time. Wide-open spaces, clean rivers and lakes, and breathable air make Ogden great for outdoor recreation. But when you’re ready for some civilization, venture into downtown Ogden, where things really get wild….

The Junction  specializes in entertainment from movies to restaurants to indoor surfing and climbing; Historic 25th Street is dubbed the most exciting street in Utah for a reason, featuring a comedy club, boutiques and an eclectic selection of bars and restaurants.  The Treehouse Museum, Dinosaur Park, Nature Center, and Union Station offer exhibits and theatrics that make learning fun; and the Peery’s Egyptian Theater, Eccles Arts Center, and Ogden Symphony Ballet offer top-notch performances year round.

You’ll never be left saying "there’s nothing to do in Ogden"—if you don’t have tickets to a show tonight, you can always settle in for a spectacular showing of the worlds next greatest sunset broadcast low in the western sky.