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painted streets

Painted Streets 

Call for Artists

DEADLINE: April 20, 2018


The Creative District Painted Streets project is a pilot project that will consist of a painted center lane on 25th Street and four painted crosswalks at the intersection of 25th Street and Adams Avenue. The goal of the project is to increase street-level activity and vibrancy on 25th Street, east of Washington Boulevard. Additionally, the project is intended to increase public engagement with the arts and to begin establishing the identity of the Creative District.

Ogden City is seeking submissions from artists of any kind to create conceptual designs for the Painted Streets Project.

 Artists may submit designs for the center lane on 25th Street, the four crosswalks at 25th Street and Adams Avenue, or both areas. Designs for the two areas will be evaluated independently and designs from a single artist may be selected for both areas. Submissions will first be vetted by Ogden City for compliance with the design guidelines. City staff and members of the Creative District Steering Committee and the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee will then score the designs. The three highest-scored designs for both areas will be publicly displayed and community members will vote to select a final design for each area.

The artists who submit the winning designs will help to develop a plan for painting the street (e.g., using stencils, chalking or taping areas to be painted, etc.) and will provide oversight during the painting process. Ogden City will work with community organizations to form volunteer teams that will each be responsible for painting a section of the street. The painting is expected to occur between June 18 and 23, 2018, to coincide with several events that increase street-level activity in the area (Twilight Concert, PLATFORMS event, and Farmers Market Ogden). A small celebration will be held upon completion of the project to recognize the artists and volunteers. Ogden City and its partners will promote the project and encourage community members to visit the site during the painting and after completion.

  • A $1,000 artist honorarium will be awarded for two designs, one for Section 1, the crosswalk designs at the intersection of Adams and 25th, and one for Section 2, the road area design on 25th between Washington and Adams. A single artist may be selected for both areas. If designs from a single artist are selected for both areas, that artist shall receive both honoraria for a total of $2,000. The honorarium shall compensate the artist for the design and project oversight; no compensation beyond the honorarium shall be provided. Ogden City shall supply the volunteers, paint, painting supplies, special event permit, and insurance. 

For more information please open this document  

Painted Streets Request for Proposal

The City reserves the right to accept or reject any Proposals that best serve its convenience and/or is found to be in the best interest of the City.

Ogden City encourages and welcomes Proposals from women and minority owned business enterprises.